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How much is that doggie in the window?

A result-based approach to online advertising that never loses sight of bottom line ROI

Don’t you wish someone could put a realistic price tag on finding new leads or customers via online advertising?

While we are preparing a wish list… Wouldn’t you like to get a better handle on ROI, or knowing how much revenue in certain market segments can be attributed to the campaign? Or even better yet, how would you like to be able to analyze price sensitivity in different market segments based on online information while the campaign is going on?

Integrated results-based approach is derived from the need of online advertisers (and publishers alike) to squeeze every possible benefit from every euro spent – quickly and intelligently. In order to optimize advertising campaigns and achieve ambitious ROI goals, advertisers must have access to real-time feedback, measurement and instant analysis of all their online marketing activities.

Therefore, the fundamental question is how much is it worth to YOU?

The concept is a comprehensive one, and is aconstant work in process – we measure and evaluate how creative and media, at the beginning of the process, through landing pages and conversion funnels, affect the value at the end – or even farther along, at an up-sell opportunity.

So eventually, you know exactly how much it costs to sell the doggie for exactly what it’s worth. That’s simply better business.

(Author: Tsafrir Peles, Co-CEO)

DSNR Media Group (DMG) is a results-based online advertising solution provider for the international market. The Company’s focus is to connect advertisers with their desired target audience using its proven experience, methodology and cutting edge technology, while optimizing both advertisers and publishers ROI goals. DMG delivers a comprehensive cross-platform approach that integrates and then optimizes major digital marketing activities including: Ad Network, Search Engine Marketing and Email solutions, accompanied with total control of the value chain – from impression to conversion.


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